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Volvo XC40: Features and Specifications

Some specifications, performance features, characteristics, capabilities and optional extras may not be available or may not apply in Australia or under Australian conditions. The information contained below should not therefore be relied on. In order to obtain current and accurate information (including specifications, vehicle capabilities and optional extras) applicable to the Australian market please contact your local Volvo dealer.

Volvo XC40: Features and Specifications Image

Preventive safety

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Image

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control instantly helps optimise traction and minimise the risk of skids at all speeds and in all conditions. It also contributes to safer and more fun cornering characteristics by helping the car steer into the curves. And if you're in the mood to take more control when driving dynamically, select Sport Mode to allow a controlled amount of rear wheel slip.

Care Key Image

Care Key

The additional standard orange Care Key enables safer car sharing. It allows you to limit the car's top speed before lending it out to, for example, a family member or an inexperienced driver.

Braking system Image

Braking system

Efficient brakes are vital for driving confidence and safety. They're also part of the dynamic driving experience and incorporate active safety technologies as well as features for your convenience. In an emergency situation, the large anti-lock disc brakes will make all the difference. The brake system is smart too: if you don't brake hard enough, it ensures maximum braking pressure is applied. And if you suddenly lift off the accelerator or sensors detect an obstacle in front of the car, the brake pads instantly moves closer to the brake discs to reduce the total stopping distance. Adding to your convenience, our automatic hold function keeps the brakes engaged after you have braked the car to standstill and released the brake pedal. And to make it easier and safer to start uphill or downhill from standstill, Hill Start Assist keeps the brakes applied for a short period after you have released the brake pedal until you press the accelerator – your car will not move while your foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

Emergency brake light Image

Emergency brake light

This feature helps alert vehicles approaching you from behind if you are forced to emergency brake. In this situation, the brake lights will flash at an intense rate of four times per second. The emergency brake light is active at speeds above 50km/h and once the car slows down to below 10km/h, the brake lights stop pulsing and the hazard lights take over.

Engine protection plate Image

Engine protection plate

This aluminium shield is designed to protect the engine, sump and transmission from bottoming when driving on unusually rough or uneven surfaces.

Alcohol lock preparation Image

Alcohol lock preparation

An alcohol lock is an effective way of preventing your car from being started by a drunk driver behind the steering wheel. This software update makes it easy to install an alcohol lock in your Volvo as well as integrating the alcohol lock device with the car's other functions. For example, alcohol lock step by step instructions can be shown in the centre display. Please note that this is only a preparation that must be supplemented with an alcohol lock system from Dräger or ACS Alcohol Countermeasure Systems.

Temporary spare wheel Image

Temporary spare wheel

Designed for temporary use and a maximum speed of 80 km/h, this spare wheel saves both space and weight. For your convenience, a jack, wheel bolt tool and textile bag for full size wheel storage are included.

Temporary mobility kit Image

Temporary mobility kit

In the event of a puncture in the tyre's tread you can seal it temporarily with this emergency repair kit. It includes an electric air compressor and sealing fluid and is stored conveniently under the load compartment floor. The compressor can also be used to check and adjust tyre pressure. Maximum speed for the sealed tyre is 80 km/h (50 mph) and it should be replaced within 200 km (125 miles).

Protective safety

Protective front seats Image

Protective front seats

Helping to protect your spine if the car lands hard after an accident, the front seats energy-absorbing functionality can cushion severe vertical forces. Integrated anti-submarining protection helps reduce the risk of sliding under the safety belt in a collision. The fixed head restraints help offer outstanding protection regardless of a person's height. The front seats also feature our efficient whiplash protection system WHIPS™. On impact from behind, the entire front backrest and head restraint moves with the occupant to support the neck.

Brake pedal release Image

Brake pedal release

In certain frontal collisions, the brake pedal is designed to release and move down to the floor to help reduce the risk of injuries to the right foot and leg when the foot is on the brake pedal. This Volvo safety innovation is triggered by the same sensors that activate the safety belt pre-tensioners and airbags when this is needed.

Side impact protection Image

Side impact protection

We believe that the car should bear the brunt of any collision, not the people inside it. That's why we've developed our cars so that they offer legendary protection, not just from front and rear impacts, but also from side-on collisions. The steel framework of the car – and that includes the front seat frames – has been designed to help displace the impact of a side-on collision away from the people inside and prevent intrusion into the cabin. And because we understand that an impact with a larger vehicle is a possibility on busy roads, the extremely strong side structure contains ultra-high strength steel to help withstand a severe impact. We have even taken into account the side windows – the Inflatable Curtain works in conjunction with SIPS™ and the side airbags to protect people in the front seats. In the rear, SIPS™ and the Inflatable Curtain protect the passengers in the outer rear seat.

Inflatable Curtain Image

Inflatable Curtain

Our Inflatable Curtain helps protect your head and neck in a side collision or roll-over. Helping to provide protection for occupants sitting on the sides, it deploys from the roof above the doors. The Inflatable Curtain also helps protect in some frontal collisions and stays inflated for several seconds to provide prolonged protection in the event of secondary impacts.

Energy-absorbing interior Image

Energy-absorbing interior

All the panels and door sides are padded with energy-absorbing materials to help reduce the risk of injury to the car's occupants.

Safety belts Image

Safety belts

A Volvo innovation, the three-point safety belts are the foremost safety feature inside your car. In a collision or roll-over, pre-tensioners for the front and outer rear seat positions instantly tighten the belts to keep the occupants tightly restrained. They then release a little to reduce the strain. This also means that the driver and front passenger are cushioned by the airbags in a controlled fashion. To help ensure maximum protection for you and your passengers, the safety belts also interact with the steering wheel column and supplementary restraint technologies such as the side airbags and the Inflatable Curtain.

Collapsible steering column Image

Collapsible steering column

The steering column is an advanced part of the safety system, with the upper and lower sections giving way in a controlled manner in a frontal impact to help protect the driver.

Whiplash injury protection system Image

Whiplash injury protection system

WHIPS™ is a Volvo safety innovation that efficiently helps reduce the risk of whiplash injury if your car is hit from behind. On impact, the entire front backrest and head restraint moves with the occupant to support the neck.

Side airbags Image

Side airbags

In a side-collision, the side airbags inflate instantly to help protect the chest and hip of the driver and front seat passenger. The side airbags are located in the ideal spot on the front seat backrest.

Prepared front safety belts Image

Prepared front safety belts

When your Volvo detects an imminent collision or run-off road accident, our prepared front safety belts tighten electrically to help provide maximum protection. If a collision is avoided, the front safety belts unroll again without needing to be serviced.

Knee airbag, driver side Image

Knee airbag, driver side

Further helping to protect the driver's lower legs in the event of a frontal collision, a knee airbag is installed above the pedals. The knee airbag is deployed together with the other airbags and supplements the safety belt, the safety belt pre-tensioner, the brake pedal release and the integrated knee protection under the dashboard to help optimise protection.

Dual-stage airbags Image

Dual-stage airbags

Together with the safety belts, the frontal airbags help protect the head, face and chest in a frontal collision. They're intelligent too: to optimise protection, the airbags adapt the level of inflation to the force of the impact. And if the impact is so low that the airbags aren't needed, the system will only deploy safety belt pre-tensioners if necessary. To make it possible to mount a child seat in the front passenger seat, the passenger airbag can easily be disconnected using a cut-off switch.

Safety cage Image

Safety cage

The body of your Volvo helps provide maximum protection in all types of accidents. You and your passengers are surrounded by an extremely strong safety cage, while front and rear deformation zones help reduce the effects of an impact. The sturdy safety cage helps keep the occupant space intact in a crash and is made from one of the strongest types of steel available. Together with the energy-dissipating front and rear crumple zones and the car's interior restraint technologies, this helps protect the people inside your Volvo in any collision. In a side-collision, our side-impact protection system SIPS™ distributes the crash force across a large portion of the car's body to further reduce the risk of injury. And in a roll-over accident, the strong roof construction helps protect the occupants.

Fire extinguisher holder Image

Fire extinguisher holder

For easy and convenient storage of a fire extinguisher in the car, you can add a flexible holder that keeps the extinguisher out of the way but easily accessible when needed.

Pet safety

Dog harness Image

Dog harness

Helping to keep your dog still in the rear seat, our practical dog harness contributes to both safety and comfort for everyone inside your Volvo. It can also be used outside the car as a walking harness. The harness is easily attached to any of the rear safety belts using snap links. Available in four different sizes, you'll easily find a model that fits your dog perfectly.


Laminated side and rear windows Image

Laminated side and rear windows

Laminated windows for the cabin and load compartment help reduce noise from the outside so that you and your passengers can enjoy an even quieter ride. They can also enhance your security as the windows' high resistance to external force makes it hard for a thief to break into your car. For your comfort, they also contribute to reduced UV radiation inside the cabin.

Alarm Image


The alarm helps guard your Volvo when parked and deter unwelcome visits. It also reacts to movement inside the car, the breaking of a window and if someone tries to steal your wheels or tow your car away. It is automatically activated when you lock the car and is connected to the doors, bonnet and tailgate. A level sensor deters thieves from jacking up the car to steal your wheels or tow it away, while the deadlock function makes it impossible for a thief to open the doors from the inside once the car is locked from the outside. The movement sensor, level sensor and deadlock function can be switched off so people or pets can be left inside the parked and locked car.

Remote central locking Image

Remote central locking

Lock and unlock the doors and tailgate securely and conveniently using the remote control. And upon leaving or entering your car, you can close or open all windows, including a panoramic roof, at the touch of a button. Adding to your security, you can unlock the tailgate separately. This allows you to access your load compartment while nobody else can open any of the doors from the outside.

Automatic door locking Image

Automatic door locking

To further enhance your personal security, the doors can be set to automatically lock the moment you drive away. Alternatively, lock them swiftly from the front seats using the lock button. For your safety in the event of an accident, your Volvo unlocks automatically to make it possible to open the doors from the outside.

Keyless start Image

Keyless start

As long as you have your remote control in the car, the keyless start function allows you to start the engine by simply turning the start knob while depressing the brake pedal.

Global locking/closing Image

Global locking/closing

If you forgot to close the windows or the panoramic roof upon leaving the car, they can be conveniently closed using the remote control. And before entering the car, they can be opened to allow fresh air into the cabin.

Double locking Image

Double locking

If you've locked the car from the outside and a thief smashes a door window, this function makes it impossible to open any of the doors from the inside.

Hidden storage Image

Hidden storage

Keep small items secure and out of sight in the easily accessible storage compartment under the load compartment floor. In addition, the tailgate overlaps and locks the storage compartment hatch when it's closed.

Welcome lighting and Home Safe light Image

Welcome lighting and Home Safe light

Enhancing security as you approach your car at night, exterior light sources illuminate the immediate surroundings for 30 seconds when you unlock using the remote. This also turns on the interior lighting. And when leaving the car, just pull the headlight stalk to light up the path to your door. This function can be set in a choice of 30, 60 or 90 seconds duration.

Ground lighting Image

Ground lighting

The body-coloured door handles with ground lighting illuminate the area beneath the door handles for a welcoming feel when approaching your car at night. Ground lighting is activated when you unlock your car using the remote control. For your extra convenience, the optional LED ground lighting under the doors further illuminates the area below the open door. Included with the Keyless locking system.

Tempered side windows Image

Tempered side windows

The tempered glass in the side windows is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass at the same thickness. The tempered glass helps enhance safety in the event of a collision or a glass breakage and breaks into small pieces to help reduce the risk of injury.

Tempa spare wheel Image

Tempa spare wheel

Designed for temporary use and speeds up to 80 km/h, this compact spare wheel can help keep you on the road after a puncture. It's conveniently stored under the load compartment floor and includes an easy accessible jack and socket wrench.

Lockable wheel bolts Image

Lockable wheel bolts

Increase security and reduce the risk of wheel theft with these lockable wheel bolts. Features one uniquely coded socket allowing only you or your dealer or technician to remove the wheels. And to make the bolts perfectly match the wheel design, choose a wheel bolt kit with colour-coordinated caps in Matt Tech Black, Silver or Chrome finish.

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